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Big Cats Collection

Big Cats Collection

National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is aimed at halting the disappearance of big cats from the wild. Each numbered and artist-signed bronze is created using time-honored techniques to reveal every expressive detail of the original clay model. National Geographic’s net proceeds benefit the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative, so every time you look at your bronze artwork, you’ll be reminded of the impact of your gift.

Lions are revered worldwide as symbols of power and leadership and have been portrayed in literature, art, and ceremony as hunters, predators, and kings. Brad Oldham’s sculptures, inspired by the iconic works of photographer Beverly Joubert and filmmaker Dereck Joubert, depict a tender, less-often-seen side of the species, illustrating a proud male lion protecting and bonding with his cub. Detailed, expressive, and imaginative, Oldham’s sculptures capture the heart and soul of these mighty creatures that embody the mission of National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative. As mighty as lions and other big cats are, they need our protection to thrive in the wild.

According to Oldham, this work is about bonding, power, and love. He wanted to depict the beauty of these commanding creatures and the awe they inspire. Rather than choosing a typical scene of lions roaring or hunting, Oldham focused on the intensity of a rare moment, not often shared between an adult male and his offspring. The cub represents future generations and the care and protection necessary to keep them from extinction. The adult symbolizes the combination of love and strength required to carry out this mission.

Purchasing a sculpture from the Lion Series makes a contirbution towards the Big Cats Initiative. Help save big cats today with the purchase of Together by Brad Oldham.



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