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Through the creation of Pure Sculpture, there is now increased accessibility to sculpture and new opportunities for enjoyment of such artwork every day. I am happiest when I hear stories of how people experience sculpture.” – Brad Oldham

From historic districts to private homes, fine restaurants, and hotels; nationally acclaimed sculptor Brad Oldham has elevated many environments worldwide with his site-specific artworks. In 2011, Oldham was recognized by the Texas Society of Architects with Artisan Award and heralded as the Artist/Craftsman of the Year by the American Institute for Architects. Oldham’s meticulous craftsmanship, passion, and creativity are cast into every sculpture he creates.

Oldham’s drive for crafting beautiful, accessible, and engaging sculpture is evident by his founding of Pure Sculpture. Committed to breaking the traditional paradigm for how sculpture is seen and sold while providing an opportunity for artists to explore the sculpture medium, Oldham is the creative force behind Pure Sculpture.