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  • The Big Reveal


    The unveiling and dedication of Together-Life Size at the National Geographic Society campus in Washington, D.C.

  • What's In a Name?


    The road to creating Together, the latest series by Brad Oldham for Pure Sculpture, has been paved with many inspirations and an important mission. Portraying a striking moment between two lions, this bronze sculpture is the result of a unique collaboration between Oldham and conservationists, photographers, and filmmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert in support of the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative.

  • From Beverly Joubert


    Thoughts from celebrated National Geographic photographer, Beverly Joubert, about working with Pure Sculpture's Brad Oldham.

  • The Journey of a Life-Size Bronze Lion


    It is no small feat to create and install a large-scale public sculpture. On June 11, 2013, 417 hours of intensive planning and skilled craftsmanship came together seamlessly as Pure Sculpture co-founder and artist Brad Oldham’s life-size bronze lion was installed in the courtyard of the National Geographic Society’s Washington, D.C., campus.

  • Pure Sculpture Partners with National Geographic


    National Geographic has partnered with Pure Sculpture to raise awareness of National Geographic programs through the artistic medium of sculpture. 

  • Inspiring the Artist: Brad Oldham on Animal Sculpture


    Sculptor Brad Oldham has explored numerous themes in his sculpture work, but one theme continues to be a prevalent subject of interest: animals. Oldham’s fascination with the traits, habits, and details of animals ranging from the rare to the common started in childhood and continues to engage his interest today.

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