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National Geographic & Pure Sculpture

Why did National Geographic partner with Pure Sculpture on this project?

National Geographic partnered with Pure Sculpture to raise awareness of National Geographic’s mission programs through sculptures created by artist Brad Oldham. Pure Sculpture liked the idea of partnering with an organization that could provide inspiration for Brad’s sculptures, as well as an organization with an underlying mission that would resonate with a broad audience—a mission Pure Sculpture strongly supports. The Big Cats Collection creates a new way for the public to become better educated about the plight of big cats and contribute to their well-being.

How are these sculptures produced?

The Big Cats Collection is skillfully produced in bronze using the age-old lost-wax process. Pure Sculpture’s production process involves sixteen distinct steps, which are detailed in “The Bronze Casting Process” by Pure Sculpture.

Why did Pure Sculpture choose big cats as the focus for the first National Geographic collection?

As Brad sought inspiration for the first collection, he became particularly impressed by the work of National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Beverly and Dereck Joubert, who have spent the past 30 years documenting big cats in the wild, and who founded the Big Cats Initiative as a means to halt the rapid decline of these animals. Brad was particularly struck by the majesty of the big cats and the vulnerability of their species.

How does Brad Oldham and the Pure Sculpture team work with National Geographic’s photographers and explorers?

For the first sculpture, Brad selected several of Beverly’s images as his inspiration. He communicated with her across continents about the stories behind the images and the behavior, mannerisms, and state of lions in the wild. For future sculptures, Brad will collaborate in a variety of ways with other National Geographic explorers, filmmakers, and photographers to select subjects with compelling stories that will resonate with consumers and serve the underlying mission to preserve the selected species’ habitat.

Who were the sculptures created for?

The National Geographic Pure Sculpture collection was developed for both first-time collectors and established art enthusiasts. We are making these sculptures available at different price points and in different sizes so that more people have the opportunity to purchase these works of art. We hope that art lovers buy them not only because of their beauty, but also because they support National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

Why are these sculptures produced in limited quantities?

The sculptures are produced in limited edition quantities to increase their intrinsic value. Every sculpture is signed by the artist, numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Owners also receive a custom hardbound book, beautifully presented and full of Beverly Joubert’s fine art photography, plus a piece of the original cast mold.

What materials were used in the production of the sculptures?

Brad selected bronze as his medium of choice for the Big Cats Collection for its beauty and durability. Brad hopes that those who purchase these sculptures will continue to share them with family for generations to come.

Where can I see these sculptures?

A life-size edition of Together is installed in the courtyard at National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. In addition, tabletop and desktop editions are on display in the lobbies at the Society’s headquarters. Buyers may visit the Pure Sculpture studio in Dallas, Texas, during business hours to see all sculptures in the National Geographic fine art sculpture collection. The sculptures are also featured in traveling exhibitions and at national events. Please contact us if you’d like to see a sculpture before purchasing.

Where can I purchase these sculptures?

Collectors can purchase the sculptures directly from or by calling 214-420-3995. The Big Cats Collection is available for sale in North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and the Caribbean. Shipping is free to the United States for Pure Sculpture members.

Why is it important to save big cats?

Big cats in the wild are disappearing at a rapid rate—victims of habitat loss and degradation, as well as conflicts with humans. In the 1940s, lions numbered an estimated 400,000; now there may be as few as 20,000 lions in the wild. It is important that we act swiftly to help preserve this species before it disappears entirely. The population will not rebound without our help. Filmmakers, photographers, and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert founded the Big Cats Initiative to serve as a voice for big cats, halt the decline of lion populations by 2015, and restore lion populations to sustainable levels. The public can learn more about the Jouberts’ work and donate to their project via

How does my purchase help to support the Big Cats and Ocean Initiatives?

National Geographic’s net proceeds from the sale of Brad’s iconic sculptures in the National Geographic Pure Sculpture collection will help support vital expedition, conservation, research, and education programs. The Big Cats Collection will directly support the Big Cats Initiative. Net proceeds from the Oceans Collection will benefit National Geographic’s Ocean Initiatives that aim to preserve marine habitats.

What will be the next focus for the collaboration? Will Brad Oldham and Pure Sculpture decide to stick with cats or focus on another animal or cause?

There will be four sculpture series in the first Big Cats Collection, but we are also expanding our focus to include oceans. Right now, we are talking to a number of the National Geographic Society’s explorers to determine our next subject. Stay tuned to to learn more.

Ordering & Shipping

When will my Pure Sculpture Edition sculpture be shipped?

For Pure Sculpture Editions, normal ship times are as follows. Please contact us for expedited shipping.

Green Dot (available): Ships in two business days. For sculpture with a personalized base or other customization, normal ship time is five business days unless otherwise indicated in the “Personalized Options” field.

Blue Dot (coming soon): Blue indicates sculpture that is either available for pre-order, pending artist approval or in production. We typically produce small edition sizes all at once. On larger edition sizes we sometimes produce only part of an edition, so a blue dot may indicate an edition awaiting additional production. The text next to the sculpture [?dot] or appearing on mouse-over will indicate the precise or approximate date of availability and whether the sculpture is ready for pre-order.

Yellow Dot (call to order): It is rare that you will see this on a Pure Sculpture Edition, but it is common on artworks in The Artists’ Studio.

Red Dot (sold or sold out and not available): In late 2014 we will launch The Exchange where you will be able to offer to purchase a sold/sold out sculpture from its owners, if they are Pure Sculpture members.

How will my Pure Sculpture Edition be shipped, when will it arrive?

Domestic shipping and handling of Pure Sculpture Editions to all 50 states is free both ways via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground for Pure Sculpture members.

Domestic shipping and handling charges for non-members are the actual shipping cost plus a handling fee of 2% of the price of the sculpture.

Actual delivery time may vary due to size and weight of the sculpture as well as delivery location but is normally four business days or less. Please contact us for expedited shipping.

How are sculptures packaged for shipping?

We care about protecting your artwork. Custom packaging, designed to protect the sculpture and suitable for display in its own right, is standard for all Pure Sculpture Editions. An outer shipping carton with dense foam protection is customized to fit each sculpture. No peanuts!

As sculpture specialists, we apply the same high standards of care although not necessarily the same method, when shipping sculptures that are not part of an edition. Certain sculptures from The Artists’ Studio are packed by and shipped directly from the artist or artist’s gallery. If applicable, this is noted in specifications for the artwork.

When is my credit card charged?

We charge your credit card upon receipt of your order. If the expected shipment date is later than 90 days from the order date, we will contact you to issue an immediate credit to your card (we do not keep credit cards on file so we are unable to generate the credit without contacting you). For orders expected to ship within 90 days from receipt of your order, your funds will be considered a deposit until your sculpture is shipped. You may contact us anytime prior to shipping to request a full return of your deposit. After shipping refunds are subject to our refund policy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Please contact us to place your international order.

What if my sculpture is damaged in shipping?

Please immediately inspect your packages upon receipt. In the event that artwork is damaged during shipping, please photograph the damage including packaging, and contact us at Pure Sculpture within three days of receipt to receive instructions for replacing the damaged sculpture. Please keep all original packing materials with the sculpture. Pure Sculpture cannot be responsible for damage reported more than three days after delivery.


Can I return my Pure Sculpture Edition sculpture?

Yes. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your Pure Sculpture Edition sculpture, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund, as long as it is returned in original condition and in the original packaging. Please see our return policy below.

What is your Pure Sculpture Edition return policy?

We accept returns of Pure Sculpture Edition sculptures within 30 days of purchase for any reason, provided that the sculpture is returned in its original condition and original packaging. Please contact Pure Sculpture to receive instructions for returning your sculpture. We pay return shipping for Pure Sculpture members. Non-members’ return shipping expenses will be deducted from their refund. We do not accept returns after 30 days.

Can I exchange my Pure Sculpture Edition sculpture?

Yes. We accept exchanges of Pure Sculpture Edition sculptures in original condition and packaging within 30 days of receipt. Please contact us for further instructions.


Why should I become a Pure Sculpture member?

Pure Sculpture membership is free, maximizes your investment and opens the door to many benefits including:

- Free standard domestic either Fed Ex or UPS ground shipping both ways on all sculpture purchases

- Opportunity to buy sculpture before it is available to the public (2014)

- First look at new artists and sculptures (2014)

- Direct connections with other collectors and artists

- Ability to reserve edition numbers in advance on pre-orders

- Invitations to private events, and more


How can find out more about My Account and other website functionality, or get help with technical issues?

If you have website or technical questions, please contact us.


What is different about Pure Sculpture?

At Pure Sculpture we commission talented artists to produce sculpture exclusively for us. We are distinctive in that we offer exclusive, themed series of sculptures in numbered editions ranging in size from a few to several hundred. After the Final Artist’s Proof is approved by the artist, Pure Sculpture expertly manages casting of the sculpture edition. Each sculpture is then hand finished, inspected and individually approved at our studio before shipping.

Innovation and exemplary craftsmanship are visible in every Pure Sculpture. Each edition is developed with the commitment and enthusiasm associated with one-of-a-kind works.

How do I know I have an authentic sculpture from Pure Sculpture?

Pure Sculpture is a trusted source for fine art sculpture. We work directly with our artists to ensure each work is unique. Each sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, validating the sculpture name and edition number. When you purchase a Pure Sculpture Edition directly from Pure Sculpture or through The Exchange (launching 2014) the authenticity of your sculpture is guaranteed. Each Pure Sculpture Edition has a specific material formula that enables us to identify, through advanced metallurgical/spectral analysis, whether a sculpture is genuine. We will authenticate (or not) a sculpture bought from a different source for a fee. Please contact us for more information.

What is an edition? A series? A collection?

An edition is the entire, limited production of particular sculpture in the same method, material and finish. Each sculpture is hand finished so slight variations are likely. A sculpture may be produced in more than one material and/or finish and thus more than one edition. Each edition commissioned by and exclusively sold by Pure Sculpture is identified as a Pure Sculpture Edition (“PS Edition” or “PSE”). Each Pure Sculpture Edition sculpture is approved by the artist and arrives in customized packaging/storage with signed Certificate of Authenticity and a hardbound book detailing the story of the artist and the artwork.

A series is a grouping of editions or unique artworks on a common theme. A series of related sculptures by one artist or a single collaboration is a "vertical" series. A "horizontal" series includes sculptures by different Pure Sculpture artists, exploring a common theme.

A collection is a group of works assembled and curated by Pure Sculpture on a common theme. A collection may include sculptures, editions and/or series created by one or multiple artists, and/or other products related to the included sculptures.

How can I get a first look at new artists and sculptures?

Sign up for our free membership; it’s easy and safe, and it allows buyers to see and reserve new artwork in advance of public release.

Is there a limit on the number of sculptures I can buy online?

We want to ensure that every collector has the opportunity to purchase each new release. If you wish to order multiple sculptures from the same Pure Sculpture Edition, our general rule is as follows.

Edition size: Amount

Up to 50: 1

51-100: 2

101-200: 3

201-400: 4

401+: 1%

Please contact us regarding your needs and we will work with you directly.

Where can I see the sculptures?

Sculptures are exhibited at public and private events. If you become a Pure Sculpture member we will notify you of events in your area.

When do I get a piece of the casting mold?

At the end of an edition run, we break the mold. All Pure Sculpture members who have registered their sculpture will be mailed a piece of the mold that was used in making their work of art.

What happens when a sculpture sells out?

Each Pure Sculpture Edition has a finite number of pieces. As editions sell out, a buyer can offer to buy a particular sculpture or edition number on The Exchange (launching 2014). All offers will be communicated to Pure Sculpture members who have registered their sculptures with the company. All transactions conducted through The Exchange are managed by Pure Sculpture to ensure authenticity of the artwork, continuity of the ownership chair, and, importantly, to let the artist participate in the increased value of his/her work.


How can I become a Pure Sculpture artist?

If you are interested in becoming a Pure Sculpture artist, please submit your qualifications through the Artist Participation Form to be considered by our curatorial team.

How does the artist benefit from Pure Sculpture?
We do not believe in the tired axiom that an artist must be starving to create great work, and our artist-friendly business structure is one of the things of which we are most proud. One of our company’s founders is an artist, who believes strongly in promoting and collaborating with his contemporaries in an all-around positive scenario. Pure Sculpture provides artists with the opportunity to reach a large base of buyers and collectors. Pure Sculpture provides the capital and business processes, enabling the artist to make more sculpture for the increased demand. This is a game-changer when it comes to an artist’s financial stability. Each sculpture sold directly benefits the artist. Further, if Pure Sculpture artwork is re-sold through our online marketplace called The Exchange (launching in 2014), the artist receives a percentage of the increase in value of his/her work.

If we have left any questions unanswered, please contact us.